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The Global Association of Theological Studies and its membership nations develop and equip men and women to reach their maximum potential in apostolic ministry.





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How does GATS membership benefit our Bible School?

GATS membership has many benefits for a local Bible School and nation (refer to
the GATS Policy Manual pages 8-10)
Some of the major benefits include:
~ A strong core curriculum with clearly stated objectives.
~ Over 120 suggested Apostolic Textbooks and teacher course packs
available in major world languages.
~ A connection to over 500 GATS Bible Schools and over 10,000 students
~ Easy access to downloadable textbooks and course packs via GATS
websites in English, French and Spanish.
~ Readily available support through GATS Administration regionally and
~ Annual training for Bible School faculty.
~ A team of over 50 Global Educators available to train faculty and teach
more advanced classes.
~ Articulation agreements with other educational institutions such as
Urshan College.

If a nation becomes a member with GATS, do we have to change the name of our Bible School?

No! GATS does not get involved in the structure or administration of a
local Bible School unless asked for advice or direction. GATS main focus is
on curriculum and Faculty Development.

Does GATS mandate which textbooks are to be used? Will we need to translate new material?

GATS is an objective based curriculum. We do not mandate textbooks. We
have suggested primary, secondary and often alternate textbooks you may
use along with power points and other supplementary materials to assist the
teacher. However, if you have a textbook that serves you better, and it meets
the objectives stipulated for the class, then we are great with that.

Where can a nation access materials in languages other than English?

GATS has websites in English (
French (
Spanish (
All Information, forms, textbooks and course packs can be downloaded from
these sites.

GATS has textbooks for the Certificate and Diploma Level, as we as Faculty
Development Lessons available in Portuguese and Russian. For these
materials, and inquiries about materials available in other languages, please

Does GATS supply supplementary teacher material?

Yes, GATS does supply course packs or supplementary materials for many
classes. There are power points available, as well as alternate textbooks,
articles and suggested websites. This is in constant development and, in
many cases can be found on our website.

Who pays the expenses for a Faculty Development Seminar for training our teachers?

GATS has a team of Global Educators available to travel to a nation or
subregion for Faculty Development seminars. The Global Educators cover
their own expenses for travel, food and lodging. The host nation(s) would be
responsible for the actual cost of the seminar: location, set up, printing of
lessons, and cost of those in attendance. In many nations those in
attendance pay a registration fee and purchase the lessons or receive the
lessons in digital format. In other nations the cost of the seminar is included
in the yearly budget of the Bible School. Each nation or sub-region would
need to come up with a plan for covering the cost of the seminar. GATS will
work with each nation on the scheduling of a seminar. We want to do what
works best for the nation.

Are there specific qualifications for teachers to teach in Bible Schools in GATS membership nations?

Requirements for teachers in a GATS Bible School are determined by the
national board or governing body of the Bible School. However, GATS
encourages every GATS nation to participate in annual Faculty
Development Seminars. This will better train and equip their teachers and
administrators for maximum impact in the classroom. Our teachers must
grow first, before they can effectively grow the students.

Is there a quick reference guide available for GATS?

There is a brochure available under the Resources tab called ‘When, What, Where, Why, How’.  This gives a brief overview of the GATS program.  The Video above also explains what GATS has to offer your nation.  If you want the digital file of either of these please contact us at:

For all other questions, please refer to the GATS Policy Manual, also available under the ‘Resources’ tab on this website, or email us and we will be happy to assist you.

What benefit does GATS membership have if our Bible School is already accredited through our national government?

GATS is not an accreditation agency, but serves through membership
granted to the national UPCI board. Thus, GATS offers a connection to
over 500 UPCI Bible Schools around the world. It provides Apostolic
Textbooks and materials as well as support for training your faculty. It is the flagship training program of Global Missions and has been designed
specifically for the preparation of men and women for excellence in ministry.

If our nation receives membership with GATS, what steps do we take to transition to GATS curriculum?

GATS provides a Curriculum Comparison form to quickly enable you to
evaluate your current program with GATS requirements. The regional and
sub-region representatives will work with you to come up with a transition
plan. GATS understands that the transition may take time and will work
with you to make the transition process as smoothly as possible. Every
nation is different, so this process is determined on a case by case basis.

Where can one find the course outlines for each course along with copies of the recommended textbooks?

The Course Outlines, all of our recommended textbooks and course packs are on the password protected area of the GATS website (
under the ‘Courses’ tab. You can download and print the materials for free
in your nation.

Does GATS pay for the translation of new material?

There are major world languages that have been approved by the Global
Education Committee for translation. They are English, French, Spanish,
Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and Hindi. GATS covers the cost for translation into these
languages. When translation is done into other languages funds would have
to be raised as a project to cover those expenses. In time, GATS could have
other approved major world languages.

Does GATS issue certificates, diplomas and degrees?

Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees are issued by the Global University of
Theological Studies. There are request forms available on the GATS website
under the ‘Resources’ tab. Procedure for the request process is outlined in
the GATS Manual. Schools may opt to continue to use their current
documents and ask for a seal from the GATS office.

As a North American pastor, in what ways can I support GATS and how may I become personally involved?

North American churches are able to become Partners in Missions with
GATS for a minimum of $50 a month (this is a great need), they can support
a faculty development seminar in a nation that may not have funds to allow
them to have one ($1000) or you can sponsor translation projects.(from $500
to $1500). Pastors, or other licensed ministers interested in becoming part
of the Global Educator team can contact

When our nation obtains membership with GATS and we need to increase our study time in order to comply with core curriculum classroom hours, how do we pay for the extra cost involved?

GATS offers four levels of Curriculum and one intermediate level. Most
nations can comply with one of these levels without much difficulty. As
they stretch to obtain the next level there will be a need to add hours to their
classroom study time and thus encounter more expense. GATS
representatives will share with your nation what other nations are doing to
boost the revenue of the school or of how to offer classes with minimal
expense. Sometimes it takes ‘looking outside of the box’ to come up with
solutions we have not considered before.