What makes a great Bible school? Is it the curriculum? What about the facilities? Maybe the quality of the students? All of those do make a Bible school great if you have a qualified faculty. Our teaching staff needs to be strong in both character and competence. Someone has said that we teach what we know; we reproduce what we are.

One of the major components or objectives of GATS is to provide continuous education opportunities to our faculty through GATS implemented studies.

The basic course, our first step to faculty education, is under development right now. It will consist of eighteen to twenty-four lessons. Each of the lessons will take about two hours teaching and interaction time. We will provide the materials in various formats and types of media. Here on the Advancement page we intend providing the lessons in print: via Word and Adobe Acrobat; along with suitable power points.

Faculty education will be made available onsite in our GATS member nations and schools. They can be taught in clusters (nations that are close to each other coming together for an annual faculty education week); or on a sub-regional and regional basis.

Lessons include lecture, interaction, and assignment components. Translation is being planned for Spanish, French, and other major languages.

We also plan to make the lessons available as distance education e-lessons (available online). These lessons will be interactive in nature using the Knowledge Presenter technology. We will also provide online testing.

For questions or more information e-mail us at advance@gatsonline.org or gats@upci.org . We have also provided a downloadable document concerning the basic faculty education course; and a general one detailing other possibilities and answering frequently asked questions.

GATS. It’s not just for the students. It’s also for the faculty. Together we are advancing toward ministerial excellence.