The Continuing Missionary Education program seeks to educate, equip, empower, and encourage innovation in reaching our globe with the whole Gospel while allowing appointed personnel to remain committed to their mission context.

The program targets those progressing through the various levels of short-term and long-term missions appointment.

Our initial approach to CME is to make courses/books available as required reading with the opportunity to complete assignments: study questions, academic papers, and other projects. All assignments and projects will be applicable to the student and the cross-cultural environment where he/she ministers or seeks to minister.

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The following courses designed in partnership between Global Missions, the Global Association of Theological Studies, and the Global Education Committee (UPCI), are designed to be accessible from any location, even those with limited internet connectivity.

Courses 502, and 508 are now available. Course 503 will be available by the April 15th.

Courses 514, 515 and 507 will be available by the end of 2020.

Course #

Course Name

501 The Missionary Call
502 Introduction to Global Missions
503 Biblical Theology of Missions
504 Global Missions Policy, Procedure, and Finance
505 Global Missions Promotion
506 History of Global Missions
507 Missionary Life
508 Indigenous Church and Leadership Development
509 Strategies of Cross-cultural Communications, Church Planting, and Church Growth
510 Evangelism and Discipleship throughout the World
511 Trends in Global Missions
512 World Religions
513 Leadership and Team Dynamics in a Global Setting
514 Cultural Anthropology
515 Mission of the Church