Please fill out an Associated Minister application and follow that course of instructions. Indicate you would like to be contacted about becoming an Advance Global Educator on your application form. After you are approved as an Associated Minister, you will be contacted concerning your involvement on the Advance Global Educators team.

*Licensed Global Missions Personnel, please fill out the online resumé at the green link below.

Visit Associated Minister Web Page


Completely fill out the application and upload your photo.
When you’re done, come on back to this page for Step 2.

*If you are a licensed AIMer, please fill out the resumé instead of this application.

Please forward the links below to the necessary people, asking for a few minutes of their time to provide the necessary input to complete your application. Your application cannot be approved without both references.

Local Church Pastor

Personal Reference

Once we have both references and your application has been approved, we will send you a welcome email with your Global Missions project code. From there, you’re free to begin fundraising for your trips and request a personalized PIM Form.

In the meantime, please download and become familiar with the (A)GE Handbook and review the FAQ section below for further details.


Check back after the first of the year 2020 for a listing of upcoming opportunities.

When you find an opportunity you are interested in, simply send an email to, requesting placement.


What is an (Advanced) Global Educator?

The primary focus of the (Advanced) Global Educators is to train the trainers. The UPCI Global Missions has over 500 training centers outside of North America. Many of these are part of our flagship theological education program, the Global Association of Theological Studies (GATS). The GATS program hosts dozens of two to three-day faculty education programs around the globe using their Advance Global Educators series. Such development programs require instructors who are qualified academically, sound doctrinally, relevant culturally, stable financially, and driven missionally. You may be a perfect fit for our team!

(Advanced) Global Educators facilitate these faculty education programs and can also be involved in short, intensified bachelor level courses offered through GATS and the Global University of Theological Studies. Some are also involved in the development of curriculum for overseas Bible schools and in faculty education courses.