It is a pleasure to introduce you to the Global Association of Theological Studies. Our journey began with a Global Education Network meeting at World Evangelism Center in October 2006 thanks to two visionary Regional Directors, Reverend Robert K. Rodenbush and Reverend Jerry Richardson who presented a proposal for such a gathering. At the invitation of the Director of Education/AIM, Reverend Lloyd Shirley, an educational representative from each region joined our six Regional Directors for three days of meetings to discuss various aspects of improving the way we go about theological training globally.

In that get-together, the Global Education Committee, Global Association of Theological Studies, and the Global University of Theological Studies were envisioned. They were later approved by the General Director of Global Missions, Reverend Bruce Howell, Planning for Progress and the Global Missions Board in February 2007. That was the easy part. Undertaking the global educational advancement program is a gigantic task, and is not accomplished overnight. It is an ongoing process.

Thanks for visiting . We trust the information you find here will be helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Brad Thompson, acting Assistant to the Director of Education/AIM for matters concerning the GATS program.