GATS is here to help you grow as a Christian leader and educator, and to grow others. We offer the following resources. True learning is the application of knowledge. Download these resources. Read. Learn. Apply. James Bryce said, “The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.” Keep checking back because we update our resources on a regular basis.

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GEC GATS Combined Report 2014      
GATS Europe/Middle East EME Report 2014      
GATS South America Report 2014      
GATS Africa Report 2014      
GATS Pacific Region Report 2014      
GATS Asia Region Report 2014 (Video link)      
GATS Central America / Caribbean (CAC) Report 2014      
Policy Manual (updated 02.16.15)      
Ministerial Development August 2010 Prototype    
Life Lessons for Leaders      
Life Lessons for Leaders- ACTS    
Life Lessons for Leaders- 1 Samuel    
Life Lessons for Leaders- 2 Kings      
Growing Leaders First Edition   French PDF
How Do You Measure Up To The Word of God?      
Achieving Excellence in Bible School Administration    
Path to Righteousness    
Unchanging Word for an Ever-Changing World    
The Far Reaching Bible School Classroom   Spanish PDF
Spanish DOC
Portuguese PDF
Portuguese DOC
The TRUTH Part 1    
The TRUTH Part 2    
The TRUTH Part 3    
The TRUTH Part 4    
The TRUTH Part 5    
The TRUTH Part 6    
The TRUTH Part 7    
The TRUTH Part 8    
The TRUTH Part 9    
The TRUTH Part 10    
Sensing God's Direction