Looking for the way to apply for membership with the Global Association of Theological Studies? You’ve reached the right page, and in the process, you’ve made our day. We are thrilled with your potential involvement with GATS.

You can easily download the application form(s) from this page. We have also posted a document that will assist you in understanding more about the GATS membership application process. It would be good to read this before completing the application.

Here are the various status levels with GATS.

Intent Status ~

A potential membership nation or school should send a “letter of intent” to GATS to inform us they are interested in joining. This will initiate the application process. Or, a potential membership nation could begin this process by sending the application forms and other pertinent documents.

Applicant Status ~

Upon receipt of application in the GATS, the forms will be screened by the coordinator. If any adjustments are needed, the coordinator will make appropriate comments and return the application or explanation letter to the applying nation.

If the application seems complete, a letter will be sent to the applying nation stating that the application has been received, is on file, and will be reviewed by the Global Education Committee for approval into membership status.

Once the application has been received, and until it is approved, it is assumed that the applying nation is viewed as having applicant status with GATS.

Membership Status ~

When approval is given a certificate verifying membership will be sent to the applying nation.

Status is subject to reevaluation every three years for continued compliance with GATS requirements.

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Information About Making GATS Application
GATS Membership Application
Information Sheet on Faculty